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My Sexual Faith

A quick little poem I wrote that I wanted to share at a queer poetry night and never got a chance to due to rehearsal for another show. It doesn’t seem like a traditional poem but my gut still says it’s poetry. Not bad for a first attempt but the only way i get better is to share it.

Faith is funny.

Faith does not accept sexuality with open arms. Faith hounds sexuality and while it nips at sexuality’s heels we are left to question a God that allows our ankles to bleed from the bite marks.

I question my faith. I ask “God, can I still love you and cock?” And God provides, because he is a good God, with a plethora of gay boys to choose from…who are atheists.

I am satisfied sexually but my holy spirit fades from a burning candle to dripping wax (or cum, if you prefer). Something is lost in the translation between sexual pleasure and spiritual fulfillment.

I make an ultimatum. I will follow my own faith. I will start a church of myself that will pray to God but not be oppressed by his community or by him. After all, any God that demands sacrifice is not all powerful because he should not need my sacrifice, a poor, tiny, sexual being to sustain him.

Just as I can have my cake and eat it too, I can have my God and like cock too. Because we may differ in who we think our God is but we both believe in a higher power. And guess what? Both our versions a higher power are greater than either of us. 


"I’m a philosophy professor."
"If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?"
"Never make an exception of yourself."
"What does that mean?"
"People like to make exceptions of themselves. They hold other people to moral codes that they aren’t willing to follow themselves. For example, people tend to think that if they tell a lie, it’s because it was absolutely necessary. But if someone else tells a lie, it means they’re dishonest. So never make an exception of yourself. If you’re a thief, don’t complain about being robbed.”





The world’s most viewed TED Talk. In GIFs!

I just can’t reblog this enough. If I filled up my tumblr with just this it wouldn’t be enough. Most of all I wish I could tell my immediate family about this because they perpetuate me growing out of creativity -.-

If you haven’t seen this TED Talk, I highly recommend it.

One of the things I’ve really focused on as a parent is making sure my kids know that making lots of mistakes is the best way to learn something new.  If you get something on the first try it might be exciting, but you haven’t really learned anything.  This is definitely something I was not taught as a child, unfortunately, which made me averse to trying anything new out of a fear of failure.  It’s taken me a long time to retrain my thoughts to not take errors as huge blows to my self-confidence. 

My kids deserve better.  All kids deserve better.  ~JJ

Mistakes mean you are trying and that is never wrong. 

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